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In the future, you could use your NPC-enabled phone to unlock and start your car

Recently, Hyundai has been testing a system that would allow you to use an NFC-enabled smartphone to unlock your car door, start the car before you get there and other nifty functions. Right now, this is just in a testing phase, so it might be a few years before anything like this is on the showroom floor. 

Hyundai revealed the new technology at its headquarters in Germany and calls the project a “technology study.”

Not only does the phone use Near Field Communication (NFC) — or short-range electronic transmissions to unlock doors wirelessly, and even starts the car before the driver enters. Once inside, the phone docs in the center console and synchs it with the seven-inch onboard infotainment touchscreen.

Hyundai has tested the Connectivity Concept on the European model i30. When docked in the console the phone streams music, accesses the users’ phonebook, text-messaging, remembers preferences such as radio presets and more. Plus, like other docking systems while the phone is doing its thing, it’s also wirelessly charging.


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