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Theater adds “tweet seats” for those who want to tweet while watching a movie

All movie and stage theaters frown on people using their phones during a movie for a number of different reasons. But for those who do want to, or perhaps can’t help but tweeting and surfing the internet on their phone during a movie, one theater has introduced “tweet seats” at the back of the theater to let people use their phones (silently) without distracting other people.

But this case is of a repertory theater’s production of Carlo Goldoni‘s 1743 Servant of Two Masters, and while the restrictions placed on these Tweet Seats will probably keep them from annoying other audience members there’s just something about the principle of the thing that makes me hope it never happens at any theater I go to.

Says the Guthrie theater’s announcement:

A limited number of seats in the McGuire Proscenium will be designated as “tweet seats” allowing social media fans to tweet live during specific performances.

“Tweet Seats” available for four consecutive Thursday evening performances, beginning December 27

I guess that’s nice of them, but coming from someone who normally is looking at their phone all the time, it really won’t kill you to not use your phone for a couple hours, it really won’t.


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