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IHC Community Involvement & YOU!

After the recent giveaway I got a lot of people asking how they could contribute to further giveaways, I hope this is the start to something great.

That is Yvonne Strahovski, in that gif, because who doesn’t enjoy a pretty smile.

Let me first say I had a blast with our recent holiday giveaway, with the exception of only one, the giveaway recipients were all grateful amazing people.  I could tell they really appreciated receiving something from the community, I mean who doesn’t like winning? I even had one winner email me a prepaid label for their package, just to help out.  Little acts like that help IHC do more in the long run.  As all of us who contribute to IHC do it on a volunteer basis.

For those of you who want to help, whether it be, kicking in $ for future projects/ shipping or awesome unique items, WE WELCOME IT.  Now there are some restrictions to the kind of items we can giveaway.  Besides the obvious (firearms, tobacco, illegal items,alcohol), ammo, flammable/combustible cannot be shipped.  When in doubt feel free to check the USPS site.  Some restricted items on their list can be shipped if you work within the system, so when in doubt just ask us.  Those of you wanting to donate items, we will want you to send to either CBZ or I until a giveaway is held.  This way, less personal information (address, name) are being shared with less people, less chance of someone forgetting to send an item or possibility of RL problems causing issues. 

For anyone who is interested or has questions, send an email to Ihcsoxxie (at) gmail dot com.

Let me also use this occasion, to solicit winners of the last giveaway to send in pics with their items, when appropriate.  I’m looking at you horse mask!


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