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Gun Owners of America group starts talking crazy to show that gun owners aren’t crazy

While the NRA has remained completely silent since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary, another national gun owners organization, Gun Owners of America has taken to the air, talking crazy talk about an armed revolt if Washington introduces gun control legislation. Because there’s nothing like talking batshit crazy to try and convince people you’re not batshit crazy.

Things got real ugly real quick during Chris Matthews’ interview with Larry Pratt on MSNBC’s Hardball this evening.

The reptilian executive director of Gun Owners of America, last seen telling gun control advocates “they have the blood of little children on their hands,” argued that we are “less free without automatic rifles,” and need to stay prepared.

Matthews, who loves nothing more than hurling himself through cracked-open doors like this, was all too happy to oblige with a “prepared for what?”

Pratt: “To take on our government. [And this] government has gone overboard.” He continued that it’s time to take action “when elections are stolen.”

Does this mean that the Gun Owners of America’s 300,000 members are preparing to revolt?


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