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A fourth TMNT movie would have given us all these stupid characters

After the (dwindling) success of the three live action Ninja Turtles movies in the early 90s, there were plans to make a fourth. From the pre-production of that fourth Turtles movie comes this ugly concept art, showing that we would have had to endure some of the crappiest Turtles action figures come to life, including some sort of feral clawed Raphael.

TMNT co-creator Peter Laird penciled these concept pieces, which were inked by his co-creator Kevin Eastman. The idea was that the mutagen would continue to give the turtles and Splinter new abilities and new woes: Donatello would become telepathic and telekinetic but would start to lose his eyesight; Leonardo could turn his skin into an impenetrable chrome-like substance; Michelangelo could project a human appearance, allowing him to interact with humans (hence the funky clothes); Raphael could turn into the monstrous “Raptor Raphael”; and Splinter would get in on the action since he would now have the power to morph into a super rat. On that last point, Laird says, “Okay, it’s lame… I admit it.”


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