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IHC Giveaway: It’s Over


List of Winners inside

This has been an awesome experience and I’ve got to speak with a lot of awesome and grateful IHCers! Our list of winners isn’t set in stone at this point because winners aren’t responding to my emails!

Day One Stash Box etc: Meatbag 76

Day One Doctor Who: BadMotivator

Day Two Horse Mask: Pickle Munkey

Day Two Sexy Cards: The_Primarch-

Day Three Glass Dildo: CloudDancer

Day Three Stocking: Tresser

Day Four Picks: GandhiPants

All emails are coming from IHCsoxxie (at) gmail dot com, with I heart Chaos Giveaway in the subject.  It really bums me out when the 36 hour window passes and I have to move on to someone else.  I have read everyone’s feedback regarding the giveaways and will use those ideas and CC when setting up future giveaways.

On to upcoming events, CBZ and I have been in talks to expand the giveaways. We’d like to make it more community involved and increase the frequency of the giveaways, more news to come soon! 

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