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3D printed gun part lasts six shots before breaking, but it’s a start

In the quest to introduce 3D printed guns to the world, the newest breakthrough is the creation of a printed plastic lower receiver (above in green), which is the only part of a gun that legally makes it a gun— that is, if it doesn’t have a lower receiver, you don’t need a permit or paperwork for it. Everything else in the gun above is metal, so you get those parts, print out your receiver and voila.

The printed lower receiver only lasts six shots before the stress breaks the plastic, but even then, it’s not catastrophic dangerous failure. If you’ve got more printed, you just swap it out.

Due to the fact that all the dangerous stresses are contained in the bolt and barrel extension — in the event of a lower failure, the only damage the operator faces is to the ego. The spring and buffer simply popped out the the tube and fell to the ground. The buffer detent and spring very lightly jammed the bolt halfway between open and in battery. It was easily cleared and no damage was sustained by the detent, spring, or bolt.


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