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March Madness comes to the iPhone and iPad for free

CBS has been putting NCAA March Madness games on the web for a couple years now, but this year, for the first time, you can keep up with the end of the college basketball season for free on your iPad or iPhone. Unfortunately, there aren’t any plans to bring it to Android devices, but it is still going to be available on the web, it’s just that it will be optimized if you have an iOS device.

The service starts March 15, when the NCAA tournament gets underway.

Last week, an Anon asked why there isn’t more sports stuff on IHC, and while I didn’t mean to start a flamewar, I explained that I just don’t really follow sports that often. I don’t have anything against sports, and IHC isn’t meant to be a completely comprehensive slice of the web, but when sports crosses tech, it does fall into the realm of the kind of shit I like to put on the site. Sports… don’t have much of an opinion on… more TV streaming to mobile devices? I do have an opinion on. More more more.


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