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ABC station botches Petraeus affair coverage with a photoshopped book cover

There have been tons of jokes flying around TV and the internet about Paula Broadwell, her affair with Gen. David Petraeus and the now suggestive title of her Petraeus biography ‘All In’. One unobservant ABC station ran the Petraeus story with a photoshopped cover of the book, where the title was changed to ‘All Up In My Snatch’, and somehow this made it to air.

KMGH-TV producer Deb Stanley told Raw Story that the wrong book cover had been “mistakenly picked up off the Internet” and aired during their 5 p.m. broadcast on Monday. Instead of displaying the actual book cover of Paula Broadwell’s Petraeus biography, “All In,” KMGH-TV aired the parody cover, “All Up In My Snatch.”

“That actually happened and it was a mistake,” Stanley explained. “And it was not something we created. We don’t want that mistake out there.”

While the KMGH-TV did not post the segment on its website, a viewer captured video of the broadcast and provided it to Americablog.

And it was clear from comments posted on KMGH’s that several other viewers also caught the mistake.

“Not sure at all where you got your picture of Broadwell’s book for your 5pm news cast,” one viewer wrote. “I AM sure the title is NOT ‘ALL up IN my snatch’ ‘the education of General David Patraeus’ as you showed. I believe it is simply titled “All In”. Clever photoshopping by someone – - not so clever use of sources for a news cast!”


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