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BioWare offers free copy of Mass Effect trilogy to Black Ops 2 players with faulty disc

A few of those wanting to get in on some Call of Duty: Black Ops 2PC action were surprised to find that their second disc was reading as a copy of Mass Effect 2. Players could still enter their serial key into Steam in order to download it, but the disc itself is pretty much useless. Not only does it mean the game can’t be installed, but there’s no serial key included for Mass Effect 2. Not to let this wonderful PR opportunity go to waste, BioWare has since offered a free PC copy of Mass Effect Trilogy to those affected.

Unfortunately, BioWare only offered the game to the first 50 folks to send in a picture of themselves holding their faulty Black Ops 2 disc, and even then it was only a code. The fact that they limited it to the first 50 might produce some sour grapes across the Internet, but the gist of the matter is BioWare didn’t have to respond at all.

It’s pretty obvious that this was all PR posturing, though, since there’s really no way to tell if aBlack Ops 2 disc in a picture is actually faulty or not. They didn’t make it difficult to claim, and they don’t appear to be concerned about the veracity of the submissions. They just wanted to look like the good guys. Well, mission accomplished.


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