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NYC weed delivery services have seen a boom in business since Hurricane Sandy

In a city of eight million, where weed isn’t legal, but the cops have much better things to do, when the power goes out and public transportation is shut down, you’re stuck in a dark apartment with nothing to do… why not get high? So it’s not surprising to hear that New York City weed dealers and delivery services have been doing pretty damn good business since the hurricane.

“I did 34 calls today,” said a salesperson from a popular weed delivery service — who we’ll call Sam — to ANIMAL last night in Bushwick. “That might be a record.” The herbal courier attributed the uptick in business to a daily exodus of pot-seeking Manhattanites.

With power still out in neighborhoods like the East Village and Lower East Side and absolutely no outages right across the river in Williamsburg and Bushwick, Brooklyn has become an important staging area.”A lot of people from Manhattan are going to their friends’ apartments in Brooklyn to buy their weed. We’re almost sold out.”

“You should probably stock up,” said Sam, as he displayed the “medium” (5.2 grams for $120) and “large” (7 grams for $200) glass jars with names like “Sister Chem” and “OG Kush.” Note: These are normal prices for this particular service and since weed delivery services engage in price gouging as a matter of routine business, they didn’t tack on any storm-related costs.

While shuffling through the various strains for the four or so minutes that the transaction took place, his phone rang two times from two different customers.

“This is crazy,” he while shuffling out the door to make another delivery. “I’ve never seen it like this.”


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