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By 2300, the Arctic Ocean could be the center of the economic world

Two thousand years ago, almost the entire economy of the western world revolved around a single sea, the Mediterranean. With sea ice quickly melting in the Arctic, Canada, the US, Russia and China are all posturing to gain control of brand new trade routes and drilling and mining rights for oil and rare earth minerals. And by 2300, the sea at the top of the ocean could be the Mediterranean of the 24th century.

In The North: The New European Frontier with Global Warming, Professor Trausti Valsson of the University of Iceland Faculty of Engineering argues for the inclusion of ”Iceland, Norway and Russia (because of Siberia) in the European Union, because the importance of these areas in the future, economically, militarily and as a future living space for the European community.” None of the three nations are currently members of the EU.

Valsson’s argument is that, combined with the uninhabitability of the rest of the planet as the world warms, that the shorter and more secure transportation routes across the Arctic Ocean between Europe and north-western Canada and the USA will make a completely different center to the world. Russia (because of Siberia), Denmark (because of Greenland) and Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland because of their northern regions will become available for greatly increased commercial activity because of the warmer climate, lessened ice cover, and because, in due time, the Arctic sea routes, along their coasts, will become some of the most important global shipping lanes and will link them to other activity centres of the world.

Valsson includes this map below showing the region that climate scientists projected to be become uninhabitable by 2300. Because of the scarcity of continental land below this region, the world’s population will have to concentrate towards the top of this map within three centuries, because of limits to human tolerance of heat.


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