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Steve Jobs’ custom yacht is finished and christened “Venus”

A little a year after his death, the yacht “Venus”, designed by Steve Jobs himself has finally been completed. It does look very Apple-like, all shiny aluminum and minimal and square, with an interior very reminiscent of an Apple store.

Employees who have worked on the ship OMT told that the ship between 70 and 80 meters long. The exterior is entirely made of aluminum so the ship is much lighter than other yachts. A unique feature is the large sun terrace (with Jacuzzi) on the foredeck and the continuous windows in the bow. Behind the portholes are the quarters of the crew. At the stern hatches which are smaller (speed) boat back down to the country to achieve when a port is too small for the ship. The control of the hunting is done from seven 27-inch iMacs in the wheelhouse.


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