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Adam Carolla gets a job on Fox News as a contributor alongside O’Reilly. Good for Adam Carolla.

After The Man Show, Adam Carolla has mainly been doing radio… and trying to launch Top Gear USA… and trying to remain relevant. And now, Carolla is hitting the newstainment circuit, getting a job as a contributor on ‘The O’Reilly Factor’. They should have gone with Kimmel.

On Factor, Carolla will assume a role similar to that of comedian and radio host Dennis Miller, who appears on the show weekly to comment on political and social issues. Carolla is set to make his first appearance as a Factor contributor on Monday, and he will likely return each Monday, while Miller remains a staple on Wednesdays. Carolla is also expected to appear on other Fox News shows. The network confirmed Carolla will be a contributor but didn’t offer details on his new role. Carolla’s politics lean conservative and libertarian, though he’s a progressive on some liberal issues. Recently, he has been touring with conservative talk-radio host Dennis Prager, appearing in live shows where the two discuss a variety of issues.


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