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Susan G. Komen doesn’t want to accept Pornhub donations

With the PR problems the Susan G. Komen Foundation have been having the past year, yuo’d think they’d be excited to get new donation partners. But when the porn video site Pornhub decided to donate money for Komen’s breast cancer research from its site revenue, Komen wasn’t so excited to be associated with… porn. But Pornhub likes boobs and Komen likes boobs…

When Pornhub first announced their generous promotion:

It doesn’t matter if you’re into itty-bitty-titties, the perfect handful, jumbo fun-bags or low-swinging flapjacks, what matters most is that your kind and selfless gesture will go a long way towards helping our sisters to find a cure.

Simply visit the landing page on Pornhub’s site (link available upon request) and follow the prompts, or head to the ‘categories’ tab on’s home page and choose either “Small Tits” or “Big Tits” videos, then sit back and let the good times bounce.

And then later… released a statement Thursday afternoon indicating that they will no longer be donating a portion of their October revenue to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The press release reads:

Unfortunately, we have had to change our targeted beneficiary. As such, is now calling on all breast cancer foundations to come forward and be considered as the recipient of this cash donation.


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