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New Zealand puts hobbits on its stamps and coins, Ian McKellen approves

The filming of all the Lord of the Rings movies and now the Hobbit movies is kind of a really big deal for New Zealand, and so to celebrate, New Zealand has decided to deck out both its stamps and coinage with characters from the upcoming Hobbit film. Actor Ian McKellen, AKA Gandalf, has said it’s “a wizard idea”.

Sir Ian McKellen - who reprises his role as Gandalf in the new film after having embodied the character in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - says the coins and stamps capture the essence of his iconic character.

“To put Gandalf on these splendiferous coins is a wizard idea,” McKellen said from London.

He said he is also impressed by the specially designed stamps saying: “The pointy hat, the beard and the illuminated staff - the $1.90 NZ stamp is pure Gandalf.”

The coins - which are legal tender - will go on sale from November 1, alongside a set of six stamps celebrating the film.

New Zealand Post has also developed a range of additional collectable options including a presentation pack (retailing for $29.90 but containing collectables to the value of $37.50), and an Ultimate Collection book of collectables which will retail at $385.

New Zealand Post’s spokesman Simon Allison said the collector’s items are appropriate mementoes of the film, and fit in with the mythology of Middle-earth - New Zealand.

“We’re the only country in the world with the rights to produce these highly collectable coins, featuring iconic characters from what is sure to become a classic series of films.”


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