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Chilean miner’s main requests when they were underground: Drugs, porn and sex dolls

When the 33 miners were trapped deep underground last October, during their first week underground, their main requests were pornography, drugs and sex dolls. The drugs and the porn were smuggled through the tunnels to the miners, but doctors (yay doctors!) decided that it was dangerous to send them blow up sex dolls, since they could only round up 10 and they feared that the remaining 23 guys would get jealous.

A new book disclosed that the men’s request for sex dolls was denied because their doctor was afraid jealousy could spread after only 10, rather than 33, dolls were found.

The bizarre details of the men’s lives down in the mine will be contained in a new book by journalist Jonathan Franklin, extracts of which were published in The (London) Sunday Times.

In the book, Franklin wrote that Chilean authorities covered up several near-disasters as the men were rescued from the mine Oct. 12 before an international TV audience, having spent 69 days underground.

Franklin also said that the men thought about cannibalism as they ran out of food, that pornography and drugs were sent down to the miners and that the live TV feed was interrupted to obscure what was really happening on two occasions.

At one point during the rescue, an avalanche occurred inside the mine, which cut a cable carrying the video feed from underground. A rescuer carried out repairs while a video clip from earlier in the rescue was transmitted to televisions around the globe.


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