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Metallica shoes that play a clip of Lars Ulrich speaking with every step

I used to be quite a fan of Metallica. In the beforetime, before they fucked everything up, but even in the height of my Metallica fandom, I don’t think I would have run out to get a pair of Metallica sneakers that quote Lars Ulrich whenever you walk. Okay, maybe. It was high school and okay, yeah probably. But not now.

The shoes are the first in an upcoming three-tier release schedule. In January 2013, Vans will unveil the “Passion Projects” line, featuring designs from each band member (including Lars Ulrich’s shoe that plays clips of him speaking with each step).Then, in March, Vans and Metallica will celebrate the 30th anniversary of Kill ‘Em All with artwork emblazoned on Vans’ Classic Slip-On and the Sk8-Hi shoes.

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