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IHC Game Reviews: Tokyo Jungle

A while back, a fellow IHCer asked if there had been a review for Tokyo Jungle.  Not wanting to let a solid title go, I decided to use a little of my slightly disposable income and purchase it for the PS3 as my 360 is down yet again.

There it is.  Check THAT out.  Full on post-apocalyptic lion beating the dog-shit out of what look to by foxes, or lynxes, or whatever.  I waited for the game to download in anticipation.  As it loaded, I reveled in my love of all things Mad Max, and wondered how realistic this would be, what the game would play like, and how the controls would feel.

Well, the controls were surprisingly solid.  The game is easy to learn, and although the tutorial is annoying as hell, it gets you started.  You will be running around stalking prey, or conversely, running from prey in no time.  No time at all with the short load times.  The sound wasn’t too bad, the graphics dated, but not anything to lessen the immersion, and the overall feel was great.

For those of you who have played Way of the Samurai, you will immediately feel at home with this game. It is full of short-action packed games, that can last anywhere from 10 minutes to several hours.  No two games are alike, although some may have similar themes, only instead of playing a warrior collecting swords; you are a Pomeranian collecting dog collars. Oh, that. Get used to it.  With the difficulty curve, you will find yourself playing a Pomeranian a lot. No, seriously; a lot.

So you start out on survival mode, one of the two modes available.  It took me a while to decipher the object, but basically you don’t stray.  While sand-boxy, there is a very quick timer, and things to do!  Go and do the randomly generated quests, and you will be rewarded with survival points.  Eat enough animals, and be rewarded with a better mate.  Oh, about that.  Never before in a game have I had the pleasure to watch two dogs get it on.  Small miracles I guess.

While in survival mode, you can unlock new animals to play, or try to collect data.  Collecting data gets you more chapters in the story mode, which is cool I guess, but I never really saw the point.  The story mode seemed like more of a tutorial in its simplicity, as opposed to the damnably difficult tasks you needed to do to unlock the story levels.

Take for instance my quest to get a newspaper clipping, that required me to charge past a pack of six lion cubs and four hyenas…  …as a house cat.  Truly an impossible task (that I somehow accomplished), but amazingly fun to do.  I also laughed until I choked on my drink as I mule-kicked a zebra to death with a deer, and as my pack of pups was torn to pieces by rabid ostriches.

Did I mention this game was odd?

After a few hours of playing, I’d say this one is a must-buy, if you find it less than $20 or so.  It has what appears to be a load of replay-ability.  The fun is there, and it is short, or long, enough to pop in at any time.

I’d easily rate this game 4 1/2 IHC points out of 5.  Id even give it a few internets.

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