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4chan just released a public API. God help us all.

For years, 4chan has a sort of formidable underground presence on the web, but fortunately for everyone, it’s been pretty much contained in the walls of But with today’s release of a 4chan public API, 4chan boards can now infiltrate other websites and even apps to display content from the boards on your phone.

4chan’s API that renders every thread in JSON could produce native reader apps that lets its subcultures better lol, troll, and surprise each other in a place without rules. Read on as moot tells TechCrunch how his site and the world of memes are evolving.

moot aka Christopher Poole explained “’4chan’ and ‘API’ are certainly two words I never thought I’d find in the same sentence, but alas, here we are.” Regarding what he expects people might build, moot told me over email that “I’m honestly not sure, which is what makes this exciting. There are already a number of third-party browser add-ons that enhance usability…so I’m curious to see if this spurs a new wave of tools that aren’t just limited to browser add-ons.”

Right now, the API is a read-only affair, so it might be a while before you can post pictures of your dick to /b/ straight from your mobile phone.


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