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IHC DCU Online Blog Week 1: Settin’ it all up

And you just thought we were just a site plus a WoW guild. Oooh no. We’ve got a motherfucking DCUO villain league on the Zero Hour server, set up and run by one Mr. Crew Wrecker.

Well now that the league is all setup and members are being added, we’ll just jump right in.  

Now that the game has been out for a little under a month, things ingame are progressing pretty well.  Right now I have 2 max level toons along with toons 3 and 4 that I am working on to alternate roles with the league.  

The game is great…I have to say!  I am not disappointed and if you are still playing it now you know what is coming down the line in February, Valentine’s Day!  In February we are getting a lot of new content, new missions, and new legendary pvp character and of course a lot of needed work on some of the UI system.  This is good…I can’t wait.  

Well now I have 2 max levels: an Ice/Dual Wield Tank, a Gadget/Brawler, and leveling 2 new toons: Sorcerer/Rifle and a Fire/2H.  I don’t know whether to go fire tank and switch my Ice toon to dps, but we’ll see.  

Now for league related business:  As it was mentioned before in a post on the site we now have an IHC villain league on server Zero Hour.  So far we have around 20 members and still growing, but the fact that the league chat is wonky is making it a little tough to know who is on when or being chatty.  Most likely it would still be quiet because in the game you are constantly doing something that you rarely chat unless you are going after a bounty or just looking for a group for a mission.  But changes are coming.  For now though there is a vent set up for folks to just chat in until things get into working order. 

With the post on IHC I got a number of bites from folks who were interested in joining and it was great to finally get around to “meet” some of the IHC family who frolic to this great site.  Let’s see…their names were: Icy Heart, Severus, Slither.  Weird, I hadn’t notice it till now but I wonder if Severus and Slither names have anything to do with Harry Potter…guess I’ll ask them :) Now that they have their invites, they have been working hard on getting max level toons in order for us to start running some end game content, though for now, all of us in league are just enjoying the game for what it’s worth…plain old fun!

Once the league starts going and things progress more, we’ll let folks know what we are actively involved in.  Kind of cool to at least read about it, much like CBZ’s WoW update which is a good read.  

So, if you are still interested in joining DCU and you make a toon on Zero Hour, send me an email or contact any of the members and we’ll bring you on board.  

Thanks CBZ for allowing us to have a spot on the site to share with folks DCUO and others…much appreciated!  

Crew Wrecker – Zero Hour

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