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The next evolution of drinking: Whiskey in a can-o

Panamanian liquor company Scottish Spirits (which does have a single office in Glasgow, just to be “authentic”) recently announced that it would be testing whiskey in a can for its Caribbean and South American markets. The logic is that hardcore drinkers would rather crack open a can o’ whiskey if they’re partying on the beach or whatnot rather than lug around a bottle of the good shit. Sounds like solid logic.

Scottish Spirits launched the tins last week, the first time straight whisky has been sold in a can. Chief executive Manish Panshal said: ‘We are really thrilled with the idea – it’s going to be a part of every lifestyle and occasion.

‘The can is the perfect size to be shared between three people who can mix it with other things like cola. ‘It’s lightweight and portable and entirely recyclable, which is good news. It will be one of the hot picks for any outdoor activities.’ World-renowned expert Jim Murray – author of The Whisky Bible – admitted he was intrigued. He said: ‘Obviously, this is not the traditional way to sell a dram but I’ve seen it on draught in Chicago and out of plastic sachets in Uganda, so it might catch on somewhere. It will certainly be cheaper than buying a big bottle and Scotch spends some of its life in metal containers during the distillation process anyway.

‘But you probably wouldn’t want it in aluminium cans for too long, because it would affect the taste. ‘And my biggest problem with the idea is that there’s no way of knowing what it is you’re buying – and this isn’t proper Scotch.

So maybe it’s not real Scotch if you want to be all picky about it, but I’m more annoyed with the fact that there’s two different ways to spell “whisky”. I prefer adding the “e”, because otherwise it just looks like it’s spelled wrong. Yup, that’s what I’m going to bitch about.


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