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Fourteen year old knocks Angry Birds out of the top free app slot on the App Store with Bubble Ball

Angry Birds has been sitting pretty atop the App Store for… I think forever. Probably since around 2000 BC. But finally, a free game has come in like a sharp-beaked yellow bird and crashed into Rovio’s well-built wooden tower to take the top spot back for the little people. And that game, “Bubble Ball” was done by 14 year old Robert Nay. Yup, while you were doing shit like doodling pictures of dragons on the back of your notebook at 14, Robert’s first app has launched straight to the top of the App Store.

Bubble Ball is a pretty simple physics game, in which you get a ball from point A to point B using various simple mechanics to launch, roll and coerce the ball to the goal. Sometimes simple is best. Check out the gameplay trailer below.

Bubble Ball was released on December 29, 2010, and has already been downloaded more than 2 million times. It’s also available on the Android marketplace, but is much more popular on the App Store. Nay is apparently a computer whiz that figured out the easiest path to releasing an app. He created Bubble Ball with the help of Ansca Mobile’s Corona software development kit (SDK), which required the 14-year-old to learn the Lua programming language.

Admittedly, Nay did enlist his mother as a level designer. “I was pretty astonished,” Nay told ABC News. “When I released it, I didn’t think it would do so well.”

Since it’s a free app with no advertising, he’s not actually making any money off the game, but he’s a kid, so cut him some slack. I’m sure he’ll follow it up with something that will let him retire at the ripe old age of 16. 


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