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Thank you IHC for your help!

Some of you may remember our sweet little pit bull girl Riddle, who needed knee surgery. We posted a plea for help, and we were amazed by how many IHCers stepped up and donated! We received about $350 in donations, which blew us away. Such generosity was not expected, but greatly appreciated! 

Well, Miss Riddle had her surgery yesterday, and got to come home today. She’s been a trooper! I’ve been couch camping with her all day, and she’s mostly just snoozed next to me.

She did have a pretty major sad face at first:

Nor does she enjoy her ice packs.

But she is on the road to recovery! We wanted to post an update and let everyone who donated know that your donations counted, and actually paid for the overnight care bill that she had. :) We can’t say thank you enough!

If any of you would like to follow her progress through recovery, it will be cataloged in this post on a dog forum I’m a part of. :) You don’t need a forum account to view the thread.

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