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Male spiders fuck so hard, they literally break their dicks in half

Being a male spider means being at the bottom of the spider food chain. The females are waaay larger, much stronger and probably will kill you once you’re done mating with them. A solution to this problem is simply to break your dick off inside her and get the fuck out. You pass on your genetics and still get to enjoy another sunrise.

It has been discovered by researchers at the National University of Singapore that males of a certain breed of spider — specifically, the tropical orb-spider Nephilengys malabarensis — will often castrate themselves either fully or partially, leaving a piece of their reproductive anatomy inside of the female during copulation.

Sounds familiar. This is just your typical love-em-‘n’-leave-em, “I had sex with a spider and all I got was this stupid spider penis” situation, am I right, ladeeeeeeeeezzz? Thankfully, I am wrong (also, disgusting). Turns out that by detaching their genitals, male spiders become both more virile (with a 32-80% increase in endurance) and are able to reduce their weight by 4-9%. The weight loss allows for the male spider to become a better fighter in fending off other males from its female mate, thusly reducing sperm competition.


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