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MIT creates a Star Trek hypospray to replace needles

Injecting stuff into your body via a needle is messy and old fashioned. For years, researchers around the world have been looking at new ways to get medicine under the skin without actually puncturing the skin. The latest from MIT is based on Star Trek’s hypospray technology.

The new jet injection method delivers a drug through the skin at speeds of up to 340 meters per second and in under a millisecond. The amount of drug can be varied, as can how deep it is injected. And as far as the patient is concerned, they shouldn’t feel anything other than the tip of the injector against their skin. That’s because the jet is as thin as a mosquito’s proboscis.


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    yup, serious science boners
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    Awesome tech development is awesome!
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    ^ Same.
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    awh but i like needles
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    Star Trek was the inspiration for cellphones and tablet computers and now this. Star Trek is so great.
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    I am one of those people. HOW LONG BEFORE I CAN GO TO A HOSPITAL AGAIN?
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    Neato. I daresay I know a few people that will be very happy with this.
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