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Helicopter drops 955 hot dogs on Detroit in shitty publicity stunt

Granted, Detroit may look like a war zone in places, but this wasn’t a humanitarian relief effort. To celebrate their 95th anniversary, American Coney Island restaurant dumped 955 hot dogs over Detroit. No, they didn’t have little parachutes and they weren’t wrapped in anything. Just nearly 1000 hot dogs being dropped from the sky going splat on the sidewalk and in rat shit. 

Below the chopper, 25 people waited to gather as many franks as they could, for a contest co-hosted by a local radio station. The winner went home with a thousand bucks and free American Coney dogs for a year. Though they might have gotten their fill already, what with the wiener monsoon.

In a city as rundown as Detroit, this seems kind of cruel. Here you go homeless crackheads! We’re dumping 1000 hot dogs on the sidewalk that you can’t eat, unless you like hot dog mush covered in sidewalk sludge! Yaaaay!


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    Granted, Detroit may look like a war zone in places, but this wasn’t a humanitarian relief effort. To celebrate their...
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    You say shitty, I say that’s fucking hilarious. I should watch the local news more often.
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    As god as my witness, I thought hot dogs could fly.
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    Honestly? You couldn’t of like… gave those hotdogs out or anything? Give them to people that are staving on the streets?...
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    Maybe they were just feeding the 50,000 feral dogs?
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    wow, I hope someone got fired for this.
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