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The Enchantress could be the villain in Thor 2, The Rock could be taking the lead in Lobo

In comic book movie news, it looks like that there’s a good possibility that the main villain in Thor 2 could be The Enchantress, though no one has been cast for the role yet. And things are still going along, albeit quite slowly, with the Lobo movie, but apparently Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been talking about how he’s in talks for the lead role.

Bleeding Cool was told recently that The Rock is going to play Lobo in Brad Peyton´s upcoming film of the DC comics. An untested, unknown source opened up correspondance with us, and told us a tale of “a Hollywood party” at which Mr. Rock was a guest, and told some fellow partiers that he was going to take the Lobo role.

But, as I said, the source was untested, so I went looking for corroboration in better known quarters. The story sounded a little unlikely, though so many of the true ones do. Either way, I wanted to check it out before passing it on.

Speaking to some people who may have, perhaps, had some good info on the Lobo situation, I connected to a friend of the site who was able to give me some Thor 2 bits and pieces instead.

Some of it we have to keep under wraps for now, but I can say, and with the utmost confidence, that you should expect to see The Enchantress in the film.

Which version of The Enchantress? Well… which version of Jane Foster did they use in the first Thor, eh?

We don´t know if the role has yet been cast, so obviously we have no idea who might have it, but the info we´ve been given made it pretty clear to me that Marvel Studios have been looking for somebody to take up this part.


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