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Weekend geekcraft: Make your own lucid dreaming goggles and take control of your dreams

Lucid dreaming can be some of the most fun you can have while you’re asleep, but very few people ever have lucid dreams, and even if you do, there’s often no telling when they will happen. But with a little handiwork, you can make some goggles that may help to increase your chances of catching yourself dreaming to take control.

To use your new lucid dreaming goggles, wear them for a few minutes each day and take note of the light pattern. Each time you notice the pattern, think about your surroundings and how you got there. If you are in real life, you will remember specifics, but in the dream world, most things are vague.

Turn on the goggles and put them on just before going to bed. If one of the flashes catches you in your REM stage of sleep and you are keen enough to notice it in your dream, you can be the god of your brain! All it takes is knowing you are dreaming without waking up!

It’s not a surefire method, and there are other, simpler ways of training yourself in the same way, but they don’t look as cool as these goggles.

Full how-to here

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