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Adventure Time game coming to DS and 3DS this fall. YAAAAY

This fall will be Adventure Time on the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo 3DS as the first console game based on the awesome animated series will make its debut. I’m not sure how one packs all the schizo awesomeness of Adventure Time into a handheld game, but I’m sure it will be fun.

"Hey Ice King! Why’d you steal our garbage?" asks the cover of WayForward’s Adventure Time game. The answer, it seems, is to build a Garbage Princess, which Finn and Jake have to then rescue for some reason. Maybe they just want to beat up the Ice King again.

D3Publisher officially announced the game today, announcing plans to release both DS and 3DS versions this fall. Players will get to control both Finn and Jake through “a unique action-adventure experience” designed in collaboration with Pendleton Ward, creator of the show.


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    I haven’t bought a...long time because I have pirated movies for my DS this might
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    3DS sales will increase by 500% because of this game.
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