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Chinese using hypnosis to rob people in Boston Chinatown among other locations

"You are getting velly sreepy"

If you’re going through Chinatown in Boston, locals think you should know that there are hypnotists wandering the streets of Chinatown and other parts of the city that know how to instantly hypnotize you in order to rob you blind. Some superstitious old Chinese people said it, so it must be legit.

A woman in Boston’s Chinatown claims that a trio of thieves hypnotized her into handing over $160,000—and the police are taking this seriously, the Boston Herald reports. The 57-year-old Cantonese speaker says three women stopped her on the street, did a little hocus pocus, and sent her home with a bag to fill with money, passport, and jewelry. She later rendezvoused with them at Boston Common and handed over the goods.

“Having somebody instantaneously hypnotize you” in such a fashion “sounds a little unlikely,” says a local hypnotist. But similar reports have surfaced in New York City, where they apparently go under-reported because victims don’t speak English or are too embarrassed. Such mesmerized muggings also fit in with Chinese lore. “It’s something that’s potentially very dangerous,” says a Chinese advocate in Boston. “I think the elderly are particularly vulnerable because they obviously would have a hard time just walking away.”


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