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The secrets of an 18 year old Tetris grand master

Eighteen year old Kevin Birrell, a freshman at the University of Washington is one of one five recognized Tetris grand masters, and one of only two outside Japan. 

Birrell, who will reprise a talk he gave at last week’s TEDxUofW at the next Seattle Startup Weekend in May, guesses he’s played more than 1,000 hours of what people like to tell him is “just a game.” But the fun of Tetris, like the other arcade games he’s conquered, isn’t in the play. It’s in a hungry, stop-at-nothing quest for achievement.

Here’s a video of him doing what he does best at his local arcade:

And if you want some life tips from an 18 year old who does nothing but play Tetris all day, he’s got those for you too.

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