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Students complain about sexually explicit video… in Human Sexuality class

Professor Peggy Gish, teaching a class at Fresno State University on human sexuality found herself on the defensive after one idiotic and very vocal student accused Gish of showing the class “pornography”. Listen snowflake… you’re in a college course about human sexuality. There might be penises and vaginas. Sorry to upset you.

Called “Advanced Sexual Techniques, Volume One” the video contained both sexually explicit audio and graphic video. The complaint came as a surprise to administrators considering Giff’s course was about human sexuality.

A statement sent to The Huffington Post from Andrew Hoff, dean of Fresno State’s College of Health and Human Services, defends Gish and explained the 20-minute video segment was an element of a three-unit, semester-long Introduction to Human Sexuality general education course. The class explores “physiological, psychological, social, cultural and developmental considerations for life-long understanding related to sexuality,” he said.

“It is not a required course. Students who take the course are advised, in advance, that they may find some content objectionable and that they may opt out at their discretion,” said Hoff in the statement. “Since material is provided in a variety of formats, students have the opportunity to gain course content for assignments and exams without being required to view material they may find objectionable.”

Gish’s profile includes about 20 reviews with high ratings in each category.

An online synopsis of the video advertises, “Attractive real life couples explicitly demonstrate adventurous new techniques. Discover uninhibited positions that lead to pleasure, satisfaction, and closeness for a lifetime.”


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