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Female kangaroos have three vaginas. Here’s how that works.

Most female mammals just have one vagina, a straight shot to the uterus. But female kangaroos, those lucky ladies, have three. And before you start wondering, the male kangaroo doesn’t have to pick one of three doors and hope he gets lucky like he’s on The Price is Right… there’s only one opening, but it’s still complicated.

As you can see from the chart above, there’s one opening and then there are two side vaginas that sperm can travel up to hit one of two uteruses and then one middle vagina where the baby kangaroo comes down into the pouch when it’s born. 

The reason this works in kangaroos is because, being marsupials, the baby is “born” really really small, so there’s no stretching of the vaginal barrel when it comes out. It comes out slightly underdone and then hangs out and gets bigger inside the mother’s pouch til it comes out, so there’s so straining or tearing or pain on the part of the mother. Sounds convenient.


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