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The time Las Vegas almost got a full-sized Star Trek Enterprise in the middle of town

Las Vegas is a city that loves big, flashy, impressive and gawdy. It’s got miniature cities, a giant black pyramid and more neon lights in one small strip than much of the US combined. And in 1992, Vegas almost had a gigantic, full size USS Enterprise dominating an already crazy skyline.

The proposal, which was only recently revealed by designer Gary Goddard and his team, was part of a competition looking to spruce up downtown Las Vegas, which had faded as a destination against the city’s iconic Las Vegas Strip.

And what a destination it would have been:

The “big idea” was building the ship itself at full-scale. That was the main attraction. That being said, we also knew we would have to have some kind of “show” on board. So, conceptually, it was to be a “tour” of the ship, with all of the key rooms, chambers, decks, and corridors that we knew from the movie. There was to be the dining area for the ship’s crew (where you could dine in Star Fleet comfort), and other special features. There were also one or two interesting ride elements that we were considering including a high-speed travelator that would whisk you from deck to deck. But we were really just getting into the show aspects when everything came to a head. What came to a head was that the go/no-go call came down to one man, Stanley Jaffe, who was the freshly minted president of Paramount, which controls Star Trek as a property. Jaffe, who would be forced out of Paramount a few years later, isn’t painted in a flattering light by Goddard:

The fact is, had Mr. Jaffe approved the project, it would have been the most memorable project in his life, it would have been a financial boon to Paramount, still paying the Studio to this day. And it would have been a great part of his legacy, the Paramount legacy, and the Star Trek legacy. Albert Einstein said it best: “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”


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