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Ashton Kutcher to play Steve Jobs in indie biopic

Now that Steve Jobs is gone from this mortal coil and headed towards sainthood, it was only a matter of time before the Steve Jobs biopics started up. And the first of these is an independent film about the life of the Apple co-founder starring Ashton Kutcher. Kutcher? Bring back Noah Wylie dammit.

The film will chronicle Steve Jobs from wayward hippie to co-founder of Apple, where he became one of the most revered creative entrepreneurs of our time.

Five Star Institute’s Mark Hulme is financing and will produce the pic, which is skedded to start production in May while Kutcher is on hiatus from his hit CBS series.

CAA, which reps both Kutcher and Stern, will represent the pic’s domestic distribution rights.

While Kutcher was last seen in Garry Marshall’s ensemble pic “New Year’s Eve” and the romantic comedy “No Strings Attached,” he earned strong notices for his more serious turns in David Mackenzie’s sex dramedy “Spread” and Emilio Estevez’s historical drama “Bobby.”

Stern, who made his helming debut with the 2005 Aaron Eckhart vehicle “Neverwas,” previously directed Disney’s 2008 election comedy “Swing Vote,” toplined by Kutcher’s “The Guardian” co-star Kevin Costner. Helmer is also attached to direct Stone Village’s “Carnaval,” an R-rated comedy that pairs John Cusack with fellow CAA client Johnny Knoxville.

Sony is currently developing a big-budget Steve Jobs movie based on the bestselling Walter Isaacson biography.


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