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Former head of US counterterrorism says that all Chinese-made electronics may be bugged

Richard Clarke, the former head of America’s counterterrorism operations, the man who warned that Al Qaeda was planning a “spectacular” attack against the US that turned out to be 9/11, now has warned of Chinese electronics. According to Clarke, all electronics made in China may be bugged and could be activated at any time to provide intelligence to China.

He claims that these traps may be hidden in every device, from your iPhone and Android phones to every iPad, laptop and computer. Even your TVs or anything else made in China. His claims sound may sound preposterous, but he claims the evidence is strong:

I’m about to say something that people think is an exaggeration, but I think the evidence is pretty strong. Every major company in the United States has already been penetrated by China.

Clarke also believes that Chinese hackers have sneaked into the mainframes of companies like Microsoft, Cisco or Boeing, stealing their research and development secrets. He claims that Chinese companies are using these secrets to leapfrog over their Western competition. This claim is not that crazy: only two years ago Google experienced and denounced such an attack. The Chinese government denied any involvement or wrongdoing.

Is does indeed sound crazy, but on the other hand, it’s the kind of crazy that I wouldn’t put past the Chinese government. While America and China aren’t hostile towards each other now, each side has been playing an intricate and subtle “just in case” game for years and years now.


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