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Tron: Legacy writers drops some hints about the third Tron movie

With plans in the works for a third Tron movie, you might be wondering how things are going to work out now that appears Kevin Flynn and his evil doppelganger are dead… Well, writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz have a good idea what’s going to be in Tron 3 and they’re not afraid to share some of it.

Kevin Flynn, as played by Jeff Bridges, is still the center of the movies. Yes, I know, he and his digital doppelganger merged and apparently died at the end of the second movie, but as Horowitz said, “the definition of life and death in the digital realm–” and was interrupted by Kitsis, “–will be explored in the sequel!” - Another key piece of information is that Bridges was instrumental in getting the second movie made, a full 28 years after the first one, making it sound like his involvement is key to a third outing.

Also key? Apparently the success or failure of the upcoming animated series Tron: Uprising. According to a Disney insider Jim Hill, the only way the mouse will even consider a third movie is if the animated TV series that premieres sometime this year is a hit.

I liked Tron: Legacy quite a bit and I’m looking forward to a third one, whenever it happens.


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