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The only reason Senran Kagura for Nintendo 3DS exists is to show off this artwork, which might be NSFW

By now, you should be well aware that there’s a huge… HUGE market for video games in Japan that solely exist for no other reason than to show off over-sexed, giant breasted (and sometimes giant penised) anime schoolgirls getting humiliated, harassed, groped and poked with sharp objects. 

That being said, it’s not surprising that a game like Senran Kagura exists, and it’s by far one of the tamer games of the slutty anime schoolgirl genre. But since there was a recent exhibition of Senran Kagura artwork from 50 different artists was held to promote the game, I thought I’d share. And yes, the game is for the 3DS, so all of these boobs and bits of cameltoe would be in 3D in the game itself.


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