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It’s science: Women who are PMSing are better at spotting snakes

From the Department of Why Does This Study Exist, But It Does, So Deal With It, researchers in Japan have concluded that women who are PMSing are much better than everyone else when it comes to spotting snakes.

According to a new study, premenstrual women are better at seeing snakes (yes, snakes) than they are at any other time during the month. Kyoto University researcher Nobuo Masataka (who has the best-ever employee photo) had 60 women look at a nine-photo grid featuring eight “neutral, non-scary” flowers and one snake shot. The results showed that they could spot the snakes faster during the “luteal” (aka PMS-y) part of their cycles, suggesting a biological mechanism that can “help pregnant and potentially pregnant women stay safe.”

So there you go. If you’re going out into possibly snake infested field, take a woman who is PMSing with you. But if you’re driving around with weed in your car, and you’re black on a Friday night, might want to leave her at home.


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