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Google might be partnering with Asus to build a powerful but cheap tablet

If there’s one thing that’s been shown to quickly turn people away from an iPad to a different tablet, it’s price. Most consumers, just concerned about the basics, will buy an iPad over an Android tablet if they’re priced the same. But if that tablet, like the Kindle Fire, is dramatically cheaper, most people will opt for the much cheaper option. Rumor has it that Google might be partnering with Asus to make a tablet that’s not only cheap, but powerful.

Apparently, the tablet will be 7”, will come bundled with the latest, greatest version of Android and the new Google Play store and could be here as early as May. 

The rumor mill also says that Google originally wanted to partner with HTC, but HTC feared that a cheaper tablet wouldn’t be best for its brand. I guess they didn’t think that a Google branded tablet would sell like hotcakes.


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