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Women told to cover their cleavage during chess tournament

I’d jump those pawns.

At the European Women’s Chess Tournament in Turkey, women players were told they had to make sure their cleavage was fully covered or else. Why? Not because they might distract their male opponents— this was an all female chess tournament, probably comprised of mostly straight women— but because officials didn’t want people watching to make rude comments.

Well that’s nice I guess, but a little stupid.

According to the new rules, women chess players in the tournament may only leave two buttons open on their blouse.

“I heard many comments from spectators and coaches,” Sava Stoisavljevic, the European Chess Union General Secretary, told Chessbase News. “There is dress code in many different sports, and we decided to establish our rules as well.”

Dress codes for sports I can understand, dress codes for women players because spectators are being rude? That I do not understand. How about instead of policing the players for doing nothing wrong, you police the viewers and toss them out of the audience instead?

Short skirts are apparently also an issue but Stoisavljevis isn’t making rules for that yet. “It’s nice to see chess players with short skirts – they are very pretty girls. But I believe there should still be some limit,” she said. Although, “There are several special rules in some companies which put restrictions on the length of skirts and dresses.”

Players who are in violation of the new rules will receive several verbal and written warnings before being forced to leave the competition if they still refuse to comply. Stoisavljevis said they had noticed a lot of improper clothing during tournaments and decided something needed to be done. She reiterated that players certainly looked attractive in the more revealed outfits but that it might be counterintuitive.

“I have to admit that the players I saw here with short skirts looked very nice. So, in a way they are making chess more attractive for spectators,” she said. ”On the other hand for many years I’ve been in the chess world as a player, an arbiter, etc. Once, when I was working as an arbiter, I warned one player, even though there were no any rules at that time, because she kept coming to the playing hall dressed like someone who was going to the beach. I think it’s good that we have started to do something with dress code, and it’s very important for the image of chess.”

She also mentioned that the new dress code would be more useful during men’s tournaments. “In general, women take care about their looks and what they wear. There is not a lot of trouble with women – and in fact and I’m sure there will be no trouble at all in the future as well. With men the situation is a little bit different.”

Stoisavljevis says that they looked to other organizations when deciding on the new rules, which also include banning of hats except for religious reasons. “This is the first European tournament where we are applying those regulations. I was here during three rounds and I’ve got an impression that we have to work much more on those regulations.”


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