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James Spader will be leaving the cast of The Office after just one season

After Steve Carell left The Office, Ed Helms took over as the regional manager of Dunder-Mifflin and has done a good job, but undoubtedly the funniest character now on the show is Robert California, played by James Spader. But now it looks like Spader is only going to do this one season and he’s gone. 

The Office executive producer Paul Lieberstein:

“James came to The Office to play a role that was two scenes long in the season 7 finale. He instantly brought so much life and intrigue to the part that those two scenes became a season. James always wanted this to be a one year arc, and he now leaves us having created one of the most enigmatic and dynamic characters in television. He’s been a great friend to me and the show, helping us successfully transition into the post-Michael Scott years, and I’m grateful for that. I’m already looking for ways to work with him again.”


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