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Middle Earth is slowly being re-created bit by bit in Skyrim mod

There’s Lord of the Rings Online, but with the cancellation of The White Council, there isn’t a good LOTR RPG on the horizon. But a group of ambitious modders have taken on the task of using Skyrim as a base to create an RPG that takes you straight through the entire Lord of the Rings story.

The project, called MERP (Middle Earth Role-Playing Project) was originally intended to be a massive mod for Oblivion, but is recently undergoing transportation to Skyrim’s slightly-tweaked engine.

Once (if ever) finished, MERP will put you in the ring-bearer’s shoes following their quest from the classic tale, though instead of just being Frodo you can be one of ten playable races, including elves, hobbits, dwarves and a few different types of men.

You can download the beta here


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