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Racial slur greets some Minecraft players, developer apologizes

One of the dangers of crowdsourcing some of your game development is that every now and again, you’ll get someone doing stupid shit just to be an asshole. In the latest version of Minecraft (since fixed), if you choose Afrikaans as your language, you would see the above menu screen, saying “You are a NIGGER”. Oops.

It appears to have been the doing of an unruly Minecraft user who was among many people who worked on language translations of the popular game. Minecraft’s developers at Mojang have apologized and pinned this on the player-translator. The screenshot above is from Kotaku’s Mike Fahey’s version of the game.

The largely text-free Minecraft is playable in a multitude of languages (56 by our count if you include Pirate and Canadian English), and relies at least in part on user-submitted translations of the menus and other text.

Mojang’s Jens “Jeb” Bergensten became aware of the problem today, tweeting the following:


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