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'Apogee of Fear' is the first horror movie shot in space, but NASA isn't sure if they want to release it

In 2008, British game developer Richard Garriott went to space as a space tourist, and with him, he brought a video camera to document his unique vacation. While he was on the International Space Station, he shot a short horror film called “Apogee of Fear” starring two American astronauts and a Russian cosmonaut. Because fuck, he paid $30 mil to get there, why not?

But NASA initially didn’t want Garriott to release his video to the public for some reason, though now they’ve said they’re negotiating with him. WHAT DOESN’T NASA WANT US TO SEE? /tinfoilhat

During all that time, Garriott filmed several segments of video. Some of them were used in Man On a Mission, a documentary of his personal quest to reach space that is now reaching the movie theatres.

But he also filmed other sequences for a short fiction film called Apogee of Fear, the first fiction movie to be recorded in space. The film is not a horror movie in space, but a humorous piece. In it, the three inhabitants of a space station — astronauts Mike Fincke and Greg Chamitof and cosmonaut Yuri Lonchakov — detect that too much air is being consumed. Days before this, Garriott had allegedly abandoned the space station in a Soyuz.

The only answer — apart from aliens — is that someone else is in the station. Eventually, they discover that Garriott never left the station and, at the end, a second stowaway appears: Garriott’s mum (who obviously was filmed on Earth).

It’s a rather inoffensive movie, but NASA has blocked it. Talking to, Garriott says that the movie “is too playful. It’s just not their message.” NASA argues that, since it includes two astronauts and was filmed onboard NASA hardware, they can block its release. Garriott has complied with NASA’s request.

NASA be damned, Gizmodo Australia has gotten a copy of the film— or an in-theater cam video video of the movie that Garriott showed at last year’s DragonCon, which you can see below:

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