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The massive supervolcano under Europe is starting to show signs of life, everybody panic etc.

In the US, we’ve got a gigantic supervolcano sitting under Yellowstone National Park that one day is going to blow, taking most of the western US with it. But we’re cool with God, so that’s not gonna happen. There’s also a supervolcano caldera sitting under Europe, nearly smack dab in the middle, and this one’s showing sign of life. Europe, one day you might be totally fucked.

Every ten to 12 thousand years, there’s a volcano in the heart of Europe that goes boom. And not any boom, but a let’s-kill-everyone-with-billions-of-tonnes-of-magma boom that would cover everything in ash from England and Denmark to the north of Italy.

It’s been 12,900 years since the last eruption. The supervolcano is located under the Laacher See, a caldera lake in the Eifel mountain range, 15 miles from Koblenz and 30 miles from Bonn, the old capital of West Germany.

Oh! Here’s a great worst case scenario if you really need something to keep you up at night— the European caldera and the Yellowstone caldera going off at the same time. That would be an extinction event right there. The cable news networks would love it.


Oh sure, some “scientists” dispute the idea the caldera’s about to blow… but what do they know? Continue the fearmongering!

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