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Owner of the Bunny Ranch wants to open a sci-fi themed brothel in Nevada

As the owner of the Moonlight Bunny Ranch, Dennis Hof has done quite well for himself. And now he wants to open a second brothel in Nevada, only this one will have a sci-fi theme to it and will be called The Alien Cathouse. Not a bad name… sort of like my idea for a sci-fi themed Italian/Mexican restaurant called Pasta Mañana.

For assistance with his new business, Hof turned to infamous Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss.

Fleiss made her name in the 90s for running a prostitution ring that catered to the stars. Hof is a long time friend of Fleiss and told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that she would be serving as “chief alien design queen,” tapping into her expertise with the costumes and décor.

Both Hof and Fleiss came up with the idea for Alien Cathouse.

“We both wanted to do something different, and we both like being on the cutting edge,” he said. “There has never been a place like the Alien Cathouse before because no one ever went for it.”

The location was previously owned by the longtime brothel owner Maynard “Joe” Richards. Along with the brothel, Hof also bought the adjoining gas station, bar and convenience store.

The complex is getting rebranded as the Area 51 Alien Travel Center.

“Area 51 is a big place. If you turn off my driveway and head up 15 miles there it is,” Hof told CBS Las Vegas. “I really wanted to capitalize on it.”

Hof describes the current state of the bordello as a “disgusting, terrible place” without a single window. The partners are hoping to finish a complete conversion inside of a couple of months, before beaming in customers.

The important details regarding the working women are still being hashed out, such as whether or not to paint the women green to resemble Orion Slave Girl characters from Star Trek.

However Hof tells CBS Las Vegas that for the clients he is reaching out “to everyone, all the Star Wars fans and Trekkies,” and cater to all flavors of geek fantasy.


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