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George W. Bush says that Kanye’s “Bush don’t care about black people” remark was the worst moment in his presidency

There’s been a lot of information coming out lately about some of the behind the scenes goings-on of the Bush 43 presidency, and in an interview with Matt Lauer a couple days ago, Bush said that the worst moment of his presidency was when Kanye West said that Bush doesn’t care about black people. Of all the shit, that’s what he remembers apparently.

“He called me a racist,” Bush tells Lauer. “And I didn’t appreciate it then. I don’t appreciate it now. It’s one thing to say, ‘I don’t appreciate the way he’s handled his business.’ It’s another thing to say, ‘This man’s a racist.’ I resent it, it’s not true.”

Lauer quotes from Bush’s new book: “Five years later I can barely write those words without feeling disgust.” Lauer adds, “You go on: ‘I faced a lot of criticism as president. I didn’t like hearing people claim that I lied about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction or cut taxes to benefit the rich. But the suggestion that I was racist because of the response to Katrina represented an all-time low.’ President Bush responds: “Yeah. I still feel that way as you read those words. I felt ‘em when I heard ‘em, felt ‘em when I wrote ‘em, and I felt ‘em when I’m listening to ‘em.

Lauer: “You say you told Laura at the time it was the worst moment of your presidency?”

Bush: “Yes. My record was strong, I felt, when it came to race relations and giving people a chance. And it was a disgusting moment.”

Lauer: “I wonder if some people are going to read that, now that you’ve written it, and they might give you some heat for that. And the reason is this — “

Bush [interrupting]: “Don’t care.”

Lauer: “Well, here’s the reason. You’re not saying that the worst moment in your presidency was watching the misery in Louisiana. You’re saying it was when someone insulted you because of that.”

Bush: “No, and I also make it clear that the misery in Louisiana affected me deeply as well. There’s a lot of tough moments in the book. And it was a disgusting moment, pure and simple.”

I totally understand being pissed off if someone calls you a racist. But when you’re president, people call you lots of names. Public people, private people. No matter how well or how shitty you’re doing, people are going to call you names. That’s just part of the job.

And of all the things that Bush fucked up in his presidency, the one thing that really sticks in his craw is when someone called him a name. In another part of the interview, Bush does say that he was pissed off that there were no WMD found in Iraq, but this one tiny moment seems to stick with him.

You can read more here, and Matt Lauer’s full interview with the former president will air on November 8th, the day before Bush’s memoirs come out.

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