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So you want to write reviews for IHC? Here’s how you can write reviews for IHC and get paid for it.

I don’t know if anyone’s noticed, but I’ve been a little slack on the reviews lately, especially the movie reviews. There was a point where I was doing one movie review a week and that’s seemed to have tapered off recently for some reason. Okay, it’s mainly because I haven’t felt like it, even if there’s been movies that I’ve wanted to see in theaters.

Anyway, so I still want more reviews on the site and I’m going to try giving you guys the chance to be IHC reviewers and I’m going to pay your for your troubles. 

Here’s the deal:

-For the purposes of getting paid, you’re welcome to either submit full reviews of either movies or video games. You can review books or porn, but right now I’m only paying for movie or video game reviews.

-Keep in mind that I’m not Daddy Warbucks, and since IHC is not primarily a review site, not every review that is submitted will be published. Only reviews that are published will be paid for. I’ll be posting a maximum of one review per day, with a total of five per week.

-Reviews that get published are up to my own discretion and if you submit something that doesn’t get published, please don’t bitch. It’s not personal and it doesn’t mean that something that you do in the future won’t get published. 

-Every week on Tuesday, I’ll publish a list of games and movies that are coming out or have just come out that I’m looking for reviews for and those will get top priority. Also, Cranberryzero and Tinypenguininja will always get dibs on titles and in these weekly lists, I’ll let you know if anything’s already been spoken for. Also, I won’t lie— IHC veterans and people who have written good reviews in the past will get preferential treatment when it comes to picking reviews unless your review just really knocks my socks off.

-If you want to get paid for reviewing, you’ll need a PayPal account that can receive payments. If your review will be published, I’ll notify you by email and then send you payment shortly thereafter.

-Right now, the payment for reviews are: $5 for either movie or video game reviews for movies or video games that are new (less than 2 months old) and $2 for older movies or video games. I know it’s not much, but it’s something. And the more traffic IHC gets in the future, the more I’ll be able to afford to pay a bit more. So if you do a review, it’ll help you in the long run to spread it around as much as possible. I know it’s not a whole lot right now, but it’s more of an incentive than a reason to quit your day job. Believe me, if I could hire a full-time staff of writers, I would.

-If you have a Tumblr account, I’d prefer that you submit your reviews via the IHC submission queue so that you get full authorship credit, but if you don’t, you can submit it via the Contact IHC link.

-When you submit your article in any form, please include an email address where I can contact you and send payment via PayPal.

-This should go unsaid, but these reviews MUST be written originally by you and must have not been published somewhere else. The only exception are Darsh’s reviews, which will continue as they have been. If you submit something that you didn’t write, it will severely impact me ever publishing anything you write.

-Reviews should be somewhere around 600-1000 words-ish. They can be more, up to about 2000 words just don’t make it an encyclopedia because no one’s going to read it and I’m not going to edit it down. And please make sure to give it a rating out of five stars.

Here’s the games that I’m looking for reviews for this week:

Fallout New Vegas (Tinypenguininja has dibs on this one)

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future (CBZ has dibs on this one)

Sonic the Hedgehog 4

DJ Hero 2 (October 19)

Shaun White Skateboarding (October 24)

Art Academy (October 25)

Civilization 5

Medal of Honor

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light



Here’s the movies I’m looking for reviews for this week:

Paranormal Activity 2 (October 22)

Hereafter (October 22)


The Social Network

Jackass 3D 

Legion of the Guardians



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